Season Passes

To pick up your pass, you will have to complete your waiver(s) and have your photo taken at our Calgary office, or the Guest Services desk at any of our resorts. If you have already completed your waiver(s) and photo online, your pass will be mailed to you.

*Please note you will be notified via email when pass printing begins.

Yes we do, during our spring sale the fee is $60.00 and you can pay in 4 installments - time of purchase, July 15, September 15 and November 15

Photo ID with your birthdate and your pass receipt will be required when picking up a season pass.

A family is defined by one or two parents and children up to the age of 17 living in the same household. There is no limit to the amount of children included on a family pass, as long as they are living in the same household and are under legal guardianship of the parents. Children 18-24 can qualify for a student add-on to a family pass if attending a Canadian University or College. Proof of full time enrollment must be provided at time of pass pickup.

Waivers can only be signed for a child by a parent or legal guardian. All people 16 and over can sign their own waiver, but adults over the age of 18 must complete a season pass waiver themselves with an RCR representative present as a witness.

Online waivers will be emailed to the email address attached to your season pass profile. Please call 1 (800) 258-7669 or email information@skircr.com if you need to update your email address. Online waivers must be completed by each guest individually (parents can complete on behalf of their children).

Yes. A Student is anyone between the ages of 18 and 24 enrolled in FULL TIME classes in a Canadian or American University or College. Enrollment in foreign universities will not qualify. Part time/apprenticeship students do not qualify for a Student Pass. Proof of full time enrollment must be provided at time of pass pickup.

Ages are calculated as of December 31, 2019.

If the refund option was purchased at the time of pass purchase, refund applications can be made online. Proper documentation must be submitted with your refund application or it will not be accepted. Please read the Refund Option carefully before applying for your refund. Refunds can take up to 6 weeks to be processed and are issued by cheque to the mailing address on your season pass file. Mailing addresses entered in the Refund Application form will be taken as correct and refunds will be sent to what is provided. Applying for a refund does NOT guarantee a refund.

Passes cannot be transferred to someone else.

A single day lift ticket will be issued in the event of a forgotten season pass and your pass will be inactive for that day. For lost or stolen season passes, one free reprint will be given, and any reprints after will be a cost of $20 + tax.

When picking up a Student or Student add-on pass, proof of full time enrollment in a Canadian or American university or collage must be provided, along with government issued ID with a birth date on it.

For a grade 2 pass, proof of the child being in grade 2 is sufficient. ID (birth certificate, passport, etc.) showing the child was born in 2011 will also suffice.

Super Passes can be picked up at Guest Services at any RCR Resort, in the RCR Calgary Office, or at ***Lake Louise Ski Area Guest services counter***. Proof of age for all family members is required if picking up a family pass. Guidelines for picking up Super Passes are the same as all other RCR Season Pass products.

Rocky Mountain Passports are not sold or provided through Resorts of the Canadian Rockies. For pass pickup information, please contact Lake Louise Ski Area.

Lift Tickets

A Loyalty Card is a discount card offered every year for savings on lift tickets if a season pass is not for you.

Loyalty cards purchase in the online store can be picked up at any RCR Resort Guest services, or in our Calgary Office.

Rather than having to pick up a lift ticket each day, the direct to lift option allows you to connect your credit card directly to your loyalty card. Your credit card is bill when the loyalty card is scanned at the lift. The direct to lift option requires a waiver to be signed and a picture taken of the card holder in Guest Services.

Please bring Photo ID, the order receipt, as well as the credit card you would like attached to your loyalty card. Please note that if you purchased a direct to lift loyalty card online, the credit card used for payment will NOT be kept on file for direct to lift purposes.

Loyalty card discounts will ONLY be applied to full day tickets. There will be no discounts whatsoever on half day tickets. If a loyalty card is used during the half day time, you will be charged the full day rate with applicable discount.

The free day on the iSki Nakiska card can be used ANY time in the season, so it must be requested when picking up lift tickets. For those who have Direct to Lift iSki Cards, the free day must be redeemed at the ticket window. It will NOT be automatic and it will not necessarily be the first day. Refunds will not be given for free days that are not redeemed at the ticket window.

Activate your card on the website provided on the front of your card. Please note that all DIRECT TO LIFT cards do NOT need to be activated! Also, if you purchased your loyalty card online and picked it up at the resort, it does NOT need to be activated! Please email information@skircr.com or call 1800-258-7669 if you are having trouble activating your card.

Discounts associated with all loyalty cards can be applied to the Senior (65+), Adult (18 – 64) and Youth (13-17) ticket rates. Kids Club Cards can be purchased or obtained (with the purchase of an adult loyalty card) and will give a $5 discount on child tickets (ages 6 – 12). All children 5 and under are free and do not qualify for any loyalty card products.

All loyalty cards are NON refundable and NON transferrable. There will be NO refunds whatsoever on unused cards.

Once activated and used, these cards cannot be transferred to anyone else.