Online Release Agreement

Frequently Asked Questions

By completing your “Release Agreement” will be required prior to processing payment for your pass. To fill out your Release Agreement, simply select the desired season pass, and follow the steps. Please note if you are purchasing a family pass or a pass for another adult or minor that is not your legal dependent you will need to get them (or appropriate parent/guardian) to fill out the waiver prior to completing your purchase. The Waiver First system will allow you to forward the Release Agreement to the appropriate email address and in turn they will be able to send you a Release Agreement ID that is generated once the Release Agreement is completed. This ID will allow you to complete your transaction.

Have you chosen to add or decline the refund option? Towards the top of the page you must manually select whether you want to add the refund option to your pass, or decline the refund option.
Yes, the release agreement ID must be filled in before the product can be added to the cart and purchased.

Online Release Agreement Walk-Through