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Reasons why your Proof of Immunization Record QR Code was declined

Following the advice provided by the Provincial Government Health Authorities across our resorts operating in three jurisdictions (British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec), RCR has decided to require proof of full COVID-19 Immunization Record to access all chair lifts and indoor facilities at our resorts this winter. This decision has been made with the goal of providing you, our guests, our staff, and our resort communities with the safest environment possible.

Due to the ongoing uncertainty the pandemic has created, RCR reserves the right to amend its policies at any time.

Last Updated: Nov 15th, 2021

Resorts of the Canadian Rockies (RCR) requires that our guests to be fully vaccinated (dose 1 & dose 2).

It was likely one of the following reasons;

  • Blurry QR Code – If this is the case, please re-submit and ensure that the QR code is entirely in focus. 
  • QR Code is much too small – If this is the case, please take a screenshot/picture closer to the QR code, ensuring the picture/screenshot is in focus. 
  • A picture taken of the QR Code could not be scanned due to a reflection, angle, or bend/crease in the code. Please retake the photo with the code on a flat surface without glare or reflection or upload a screenshot.

You may have uploaded the wrong record to the wrong account (Ex: uploading your child’s document as your own). Please re-submit your Proof of Immunization Record with QR Code.

Please call us at 1.800.258.7669 to update your information.

No Proof of Immunization Record QR Code was uploaded. Please visit the appropriate government website to receive your QR code;

BC - https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/covid-19/vaccine/proof

AB - https://www.alberta.ca/covid-records-helpdesk.aspx

Your Proof of Immunization Record QR code may have been declined, if our system does not recognize your government-issued record (if your place of residence doesn't have QR codes). Please re-submit again, and we will process as soon as time permits.

Successful Examples Proof of Immunization Record QR Codes

Below are samples of clear successful screenshots of QR codes: