Kids “Howl at the Moon Camp out” @ Lost Boys Café – 2018

$ 129.00

Kids “Howl at the Moon Camp out” @ Lost Boys Cafe

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Product Description

Kids “Howl at the Moon Campout” @ Lost Boys Café

Slumber Party at the top of the Timber Chair! Kids will love this “campout” at the Lost Boys Café. Campout includes fully supervised overnight, single ride lift ticket, Saturday dinner & smores/snacks.

Sunday breakfast and special campout.

programming for ages 8+

 Dates:         Campout #1 – Saturday, July 28, 2018  (to Sun July 29)

Campout #2 – Saturday, August 25, 2018 (to Sun Aug 26)

Times:        4pm (Sat) – 11am (Sun)

Price:          $129 + gst




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Kids ‘Howl At The Moon’ Camp-out FAQ

When and where do I drop off/pick up my kid?

Kids and parents/guardians need to check in with camp leader at 4 pm on Saturday at the Adventure Centre. Parents will need to sign waivers for kids to participate in the Howl At The Moon Camp-out. Waivers can be signed in advance at the adventure centre.

How long is the camp out for?

The camp-out starts at 4 pm on Saturday afternoon and will go until 11 am on Sunday morning. Please pick up kids in same place as drop off at 11 am on the Sunday.

How will the kids be entertained?

This is a fun camp-out for the kids to enjoy, without Mom and Dad around to cramp their style! The camp leaders have plenty of activities to keep them entertained, these activities will vary due to weather and wildlife. There will be a camp fire on the Lost Boys deck in the evening for them to toast marshmallows, tell camp stories and have sing-alongs.

How many kids and camp leaders will be on the campground?

Depending on bookings, the ratio for leaders to kids is 1:6. If more than 6 kids book, another leader will be present. Kids will be supervised at all times.

What do kids have to bring with them?

Sleeping materials eg. Sleeping bag, pillow and mattress, pyjamas, toothbrush, warm clothes, flashlight, water bottle, appropriate clothing and hiking/running shoes. All equipment for activities will be provided.

Do they need to bring any food?

No they do not need to bring any food with them- all food will be provided and is included in the camp cost. They will have dinner at lost boys cafe followed by snacks of smores and smokies. Then Breakfast will be served in the morning.

Do they need a lift ticket?

A single ride lift ticket is included in the camp-out price.

What age are the kids at the camp?

Ages 8- 12 years.

Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes, a full refund for the camp will be given 48 hrs in advance. Cancellations within 48-24 hrs will be subject to a charge of 30% of the fee. Cancellations within 24 hrs will be subject to