Nakiska Ski Monsters (Ages 7-12)

$ 239.00$ 799.00

You will need a season pass or daily lift ticket and ski equipment to take this program. We offer a WINGS equipment program to rent equipment for the season if needed.

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  • Passholders under the age of 18 (19 in British Columbia) must have a parent or guardian sign their waiver before any passes can be issued. Signatures must take place and be witnessed by a RCR staff member at the RCR Head Office or one of the RCR resorts.
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  • Please be aware that level 8 is for Nakiska Free Ski Team only and is not selectable for this program.

Product Description

Days taught: Saturdays or Sundays

Program Length: 2 hour

Session time:  9:00am, 11:15am, 1:45pm

Start date 3 weeks: Nov 27 or Nov 28, 2021
Start date 6 weeks: Jan 8, Jan 9, Feb 26 or Feb 27, 2022
Start date 12 weeks: Jan 8 or Jan 9, 2022

If you have booked a 12 week program, please be aware there is a break for Family Day weekend. This means there is no lesson on Feb 19 and Feb 20, 2022. Lessons start again on Feb 26 or Feb 27, 2022.

You will need a season pass or daily lift ticket and ski equipment to take this program. We offer a WINGS equipment program to rent equipment for the season if needed.

Please familiarize yourself with our program change, weather and cancellation policies before you purchase. Remember, we need a minimum of 3 registrations per level for it to run. If this isn’t met we look for alternative times, dates etc and if nothing can be found it will be cancelled.

We reserve the right to cancel or make changes at any time to our lesson format based on upcoming and unforeseen changes to COVID restrictions and ways we can deliver lessons safely. This could be inclusive of, but not limited to modifying group sizes, lesson length, age requirements etc.

For a break down of adult and kids ability levels click here.

For details please click here.

Click here for a detailed trail map.

1. Q: Where do we meet for our lessons?
A: Meeting area is located by the Olympic chair and patrol. Look for the signs and staff in red jackets.

2. Q: What if I miss the first week of my lessons?
A: If you miss week one of your lessons, supervisors will be at the check in to help you find your group

3. Q: What if my child finds their group “too challenging” or “too easy”?
A: The instructors meet weekly and are lead by a “team lead” to ensure that everyone is in the best group for their needs. If you believe your child is still not placed appropriately, please chat with your instructor to understand why your child is in that group. Remember, it’s not the speed of their skiing or riding that is important, it’s the technique that they use relative to the terrain they are on.

4. Q: Can I have a refund?
A: Refer to the cancellation policy.

5. Q: I am going to miss a day of lessons, can I please get a make up lesson?
A: Unfortunately not. You have booked for 5 specifically timed and dated lessons, so if you do miss one of the lessons, that time is lost.

6. Q: I’m late for my lesson, can I join with another group or can I join a group tomorrow?
A: Unfortunately not. Due to the planning and organization that goes into the groups, it’s probable that by joining another group it will disrupt the dynamic of the class and likely result in poor placement of your child.

7. Q: When will my child leave the learners zone (“bunny hill”)?
A: Above all, your child needs to be able to control their speed using their turns and stop when asked to do so. This is the same for snowboarding with a focus of using both heel and toe edge turns. Please be aware that without this level of independence it would be unsafe to venture further up the mountain.

8. Q: I have a Multi-week program but don’t have a lift pass. What do I do?
A: The multi-week lessons do not come with rentals or lift passes but if you come to the winter sports school front desk, we can sell you lift passes and rentals each visit at 10% off. This has to be done each visit as pre-dated tickets cannot be printed at our desk