Rave Custom Made Ski – Fernie Alpine Resort

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Product Description

Rave Custom Skis
Length            Tip            Waist         Tail           Radius Weight
174cm          130mm      92mm      120mm      15m      3500g
182cm        136mm       92mm      124mm      15m      3900g
The Rave RL is a high performance versatile rocker Logik ski that is adept at everything from steep to deep. Like all of the SKILOGIK’s Rocker Logik skis, the Rave RL features positive camber and SKILOGIK’s trademark Vektor 8 Carbon Fiber/fiberglass contraction. It is designed to have superior edge hold and caving on a design that most wold consider only for powder. The Rave RL is ideal for those looking for a rocker ski that performs across the spectrum of snow surfaces.

Skis can be picked up in resort at the Sports Alpine shop.  Limited Inventory on sale while supplies last, there were only 25 Pairs made!


Mariella: Artist in Residence

Working in watercolor, pencil, oil, clay, and collage, Mariella developed a passion for ethnic art forms and lived in several countries with diverse cultures. Alonth the way, she also became an accomplished pianist, playing from Baroque to Impressionist, and enjoying her own new age compositions.

Mariella’s love for art and aesthetics fostered a harmonious link to nature where she could appreciate every form of its beauty. Her eclectic artistic background, her cross-cultural experiences, and her connection to nature come together in her art.

“When ideas come to me, I capture them with pencil and paper. I redraw them with greater detail into a ski-shaped composition. Then, I choose natural color wood veneers and other natural materials to add warmth and communicate feelings. Each pair of skis I create is a unique work of art.”

Mariella was born and raised in the Italian Alps where she was immersed in her family’s artistic heritage. Her mother painted and designed artistic clothing. Her sister became an accomplished artist who now specializes in restoration of paintings of the great masters.

“I stayed at my grandparents house each summer. They lived on the top of a small mountain, right next to a Norman Castle. It was beautiful with scenic views and narrow cobblestone. My grandfather was an art lover and collector and he transformed his whole house into an art gallery. I began drawing a lot at an early age. When I was 4, my parents submitted one of my sketches to a competition and I won. I started skiing when I was six, but my passion has always been in the arts.”



SKILOGIK was founded in Breckenridge, Colorado in 2010, with one very clear and simple mission: to build the best skis possible. Since then, SKILOGIK has racked up 30 performance awards and developed a passionate following amongst athletes, ski instructors and patrollers, and enthusiastic customers around the world. Recognized by the unique artwork on each pair that is handcrafted from wood veneer inlays, SKILOGIK has been praised equally for its performance innovations as well as for its social responsibility and environmentalism.


“It is important to us to protect the mountains we love, and respect the trees that create our powder playgrounds.”


SKILOGIK is leading in the use of sustainable materials in ski making. At least 95% of the wood used in making each pair of SKILOGIK skis is sustainably harvested.

All of SKILOGIK’s black locust comes from family farmers who have planted black locust around the borders of their croplands. The black locust is a naturally nitrogen-fixing tree which reduces the need for chemical fertilizers.