Our donation program will have limited operations for the 2022.23 ski season we apologize for the inconvenience.


Resorts of the Canadian Rockies is honored with many opportunities to support worthwhile organizations.  We are proud of our commitment to the communities we operate in and are dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle.  Due to the overwhelming number of requests that we receive we have a set of guidelines that will make the request process easier:

  • Preference will be given to organizations that are affiliated with the ski or snowboard industry or are affiliated with the communities in which our resorts are located
  • Donations must be sent in at least one month prior to the date of the event
  • All donation requests should be sent to the Calgary Office by fax or e-mail (address and number located below)

In an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle Resorts of the Canadian Rockies contributes to such programs as the Grade 2 Funpass, which gives all Western Canadian children in Grade 2 season pass privileges at four, world-class resorts. We promise to be partners with our neighbours, heroes to our children and champions of their future.

Queries regarding cash donations for organizations in the communities of Fernie or Kimberley should be sent through the RCR Community Summit Fund program. Details on this program are available here:

Selection Process:

Organizations requesting a donation must submit a request outlining:

  1. an explanation of the event
  2. date of the event
  3. addressto send replies/donation letters to
  4. the name of the individual responsible for event and donation requests

Applications will be reviewed and responded to within 1 month of submission

All requests should be submitted to: [email protected]