Refund Policy

NEW! As of June 1, 2020 all unused Season Passes will be eligible for a refund, no questions asked. The refund will be subject to a 9% processing fee if the refund option was not added at time of pass purchase. The purchase price of any unused 2020.21 season pass can be transferred to the next winter season without a 9% processing fee. Family passes will be considered used once one member on the pass has used the pass. After passes have been used, the below refund policy will apply.

There will be NO REFUNDS on used Season Passes unless the REFUND OPTION is purchased at the time of pass purchase. Refunds for used Season Passes will only be considered due to medical conditions, supported by a doctor’s certificate, OR a transfer of employment, supported by a letter from your employer.

The amount of the refund, for those who purchased the refund option, will be based on the date the claim is received in our Calgary Office:


Prior to Dec 15th or first ski day (whichever comes first) 100%
Prior to January 15th 60%
Prior to February 15th  40%
Prior to March 15th  25%
On or after March 15th - no applications will be accepted after March 15th 0%

*(Regardless of Pass Type)If you need help you may call our Calgary office at 403-254-7669 or send us an email and we will help.

Any ski days used will be deducted from the refund amount at the window rate price of the lift ticket for that resort. For example:

Cost of Pass: $999 + GST. Before applying for a refund, the pass was scanned on 7 days at Fernie Alpine Resort where the lift ticket price for a full day is $99.95. Cost of Skied days: 7 x 99.95 = 699.65 + GST. Therefore, the refund amount on this pass would be $999 - $699.65 = $299.35 + GST.

Refund Option

The Refund Option is 9% of the Membership/Season Pass price plus GST. For example if the cost if your pass is $500.00 then the cost of the option will be $45.00 + GST.

The refund option purchased for your Season Pass is non-refundable and all Season Passes are non-transferable (except for corporate passes). The Family Pass Add-on requires the refund option to be purchased seperately. If you have multiple single passes, you will need to purchase the refund option for every pass you would like covered.

Refund amounts will be based on the following criteria:

The cost of your Season Pass/Membership less the number of days used multiplied by the rack day rate of the resort skied for the age category applicable for that pass to a maximum of the percentage listed below at the date of claim. Refunds relating to Family Pass/Memberships will be calculated only on the injured party's portion of the Family Pass Membership.


Important Student Pass Details:

To qualify for a Student Pass you must be between the ages of 18-24 years old and attending a college, university or high school full-time in Canada. The high school, university or college (not an apprenticeship) must be recognized by ski area management. Passes cannot be mailed until proof of age (picture ID) and a student ID card clearly indicating your full-time student status and year of validity are presented in person at either our Calgary office or one of the resorts.