Winter Lift Ticket Policy

Single & Multi Day Lift Tickets


Items purchased through the following websites are subject to the terms & conditions listed below; this includes all single and multi-day tickets.

  • tickets.skinakiska.com
  • tickets.skifernie.com
  • tickets.kickinghorseresort.com
  • tickets.skikimberley.com

Terms & Conditions

  • All lift ticket sales are final.
  • There are no refunds; however, by selecting the "Flex Date" option, the value of your winter Lift Ticket can be transferred to another start day within the remaining season. Should there be a different daily lift ticket rate for the new start date (ie. Holiday period), an upgrade fee for the difference in Lift Ticket prices will be charged. Should the daily Lift Ticket rate be a lesser value, no refund will be issued.
  • Multi-day tickets cannot be split or divided amongst the season.
  • The following grace days are included in multi-day Lift Tickets: 2-4 day tickets include 1 grace day, 5-9 days tickets include 2 grace days and 10+ day tickets include 3 grace days.
  • If the Flex Date option is not selected, transfers are subject to a $20 fee (plus tax), per day, per lift ticket. For example, if a guest did not purchase the Flex option on a 5 Day Lift Ticket, the cost to move their start date would be $100 (plus tax).
  • Lift tickets are only valid for the season purchased and cannot be transferred to future seasons.
  • Once issued, lift tickets cannot be transferred, shared or sold to another individual. Their actions are considered theft. The product will be revoked, and individuals will be fined.