Winter Lift Ticket Policy

Single & Multi Day Lift Tickets


All single & multi day lift tickets purchased via the following sales channels; including paid, coupon and voucher transactions are subject to the following terms & conditions:

  • tickets.skinakiska.com
  • tickets.skifernie.com
  • tickets.kickinghorseresort.com
  • tickets.skikimberley.com


  • All transactions are subject to availability. If the day you wish to ski is sold out, please select another day, exceptions will not be made.
  • Successful transactions will receive a QR code that can be taken to Self Serve Express Kiosks or Ticket Windows and are only redeemable on the date selected for your first ski day. QR Codes are only valid on dates selected at time of transaction.

Credit Policy

  • All lift ticket sales are final, and no refunds will be provided with exception of the following COVID-19 considerations;
    • Credit or refund will be provided for any ticket purchased on/for a day a resort is unable to operate due to COVID-19.
    • Credit or refund will be provided for any ticket purchased from a geographic location that is impacted by a government mandated travel restriction or quarantine.
    • Credit or refund will be considered if visiting guest cannot travel due to COVID-19 related illness or has been or you have been asked to self-isolate by a health care provider or governing body.  Considerations will be made on a case-by case basis.
  • If you are unable to visit on your selected date, please contact us seven business days in advance of your first ski day to receive a ‘credit’ via a coupon code that will be equal to the value of your original ticket purchase.
  • Credits will not be provided within seven days of your reserved ski day with exception of above COVID-19 considerations.

For any winter ticket refund or change requests, please apply here.